Dirty or Clean? That is the Question

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When it comes to washing dishes neither Spencer or I are too thrilled about it. It is one of the chores we let sit until we simply cannot take it any longer. Sometimes the pile of pots and pans can get overwhelming. Our dishwasher is no help either. When it sits idle neither of us can remember if the contents inside are clean or dirty. This means we will sometimes do a load of clean dishes twice to be sure, or even worse, accidentally put away some dirty dishes before realizing our mistake. I know, EW!

We did have a neanderthal method of leaving the latch in the locked position if the contents were clean, but even this proved to mislead us on several occasions. So Spencer came up with an idea, an easy and expert way to label our dishwasher and leave no mistake as to whether the dishes were clean or dirty. All we have to do is flip the label once we turn the dishwasher on and flip it back once we unload everything. Turns out this wooden dishwasher label really works. I finally know without question when things are clean and dirty. Now if only there were a way to motivate me to do the dishes more regularly.

Materials: unfinished and painted poplar

Dimensions: H=3″ L=4″ W=.5″


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