Marble Chest

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This is perhaps one of the marble runs Spencer is most proud of. It took him 40+ hours in the shop garage to complete and he loved testing out each piece as soon as it was finished. This marble chest really is a masterpiece. You can’t begin to imagine the time we spent with this thing the moment it was all put together. As far as marble runs go, this is the best I have seen, probably ever. All I can really say is, “Wood Smith? We have arrived.”

This particular marble chest features of switch back set of routes at the top that alternate where each marble will end up. There are spirals, steps, jumps, and even a xylophone. Wheels turn, seals pass, and even a bell can be run by the marbles. The detail on this project is immaculate. If you are interested in crafting your own you can purchase plans here. The marble chest is a lofty pursuit that takes some meticulous work, time, and energy. Also having the marble chest level is key to it working. This is something we continue to find out the hard way.

Materials: mostly mahogany and Baltic birch, but also contains purple heart, oak, ash, white wood, and cyprus

Dimensions: H=20″ with lid open L=25″ W=12″


2 thoughts on “Marble Chest

  1. “The marble chest is a lofty pursuit that takes some meticulous work, time, and energy.” This statement is an example of an “Understatement”!! SOME meticulous? Spencer spent a lot of meticulous time, perfecting each individual piece! He is as bad as I am with electronics! That’s what makes is work; Art!

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