Dinosaur Puzzle

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What is better than a dinosaur puzzle? Not much. This thing is enamoring. I have already torn it all apart and put it back together about five times just today. I slide the little wooden dinos back and forth in their allotted slots on the base. I have the T-Rex eat the Longneck (yes i know, land before time!) while the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Dimetrodon look on sympathetically. Probably would recommend this wooden dinosaur puzzle for children ages 5+, and by children I mean that loosely because adults can enjoy it just as much. We actually auctioned one of these babies off at a family carnival last year in exchange for the tickets they won at the games. On little nephew put in all, and I mean every last one, of his tickets. Needless to say he is now the proud owner and still shares, but only just, with his siblings. A unique piece is this here wooden dinosaur puzzle. Unique indeed.

Materials: pieces are of poplar and cyprus while the base is oak


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