The Simplicity Clock

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This project for a wooden Simplicity Clock was tackled over a year ago and took many hours for my husband to complete. This is because Spencer is not, nor has he ever been, a clock builder. However, one day he was browsing the internet looking for something cool he could build and came across the plans for this clock. He decided it would make a great birthday gift for me, but something he would have to keep a secret. He is not good at keeping secrets, I will tell you this, but this wooden clock was a complete mystery to me for several months while he read over the plans and worked on it here and there.

The plans were designed by a man, Clayton Boyer, who proved to be a huge help in the building process whenever Spencer ran into trouble. Even gathering the supplies proved to be a bit of treasure hunt; some were easy to find and others proved far more difficult. But he chipped away at the project, getting things cut out and assembled. The whole thing was ready before my birthday and it was such a wonderful surprise. I knew by that point he was making some kind of clock for me, but I did not have any idea how magnificent this Simplicity Clock really was until I heard it ticking and saw it for the first time. The pictures do not do it justice. The simplicity clock is elegant, intricate, and simply stunning in person.

Because this clock is mounted directly to the central wall of our home it tick-tocks through the entire house. I can hear it in the living room on the main level, in the family room downstairs, and most importantly, in my bedroom upstairs. To hear this thing tick is one of the most calming, luxurious sounds I know. I love my simplicity clock to this day. Every so often the dog will whack it with her tail or the windows will blow the pendulum off track. When this happens Spencer makes a few tweaks to my wooden clock, adjusts a weight or a gear, and she is back up and running in no time. When she is running she brings our house to life, gives our home a heart beat. I love love love it.

For your own set of plans go here. This will be an intimidating project to undertake, but worth every hour spent. The Simplicity Clock is something we hope to have running in our home for years and yeas to come.