Our Modular Bookcase

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This modular bookcase has been one of my favorite handcrafted additions to our home. Originally the main portion of the bookcase was a standalone piece, then for Christmas at the end of the year came the promise of the two side pieces. Now the set is complete and my much loved books have a lovely, comfortable home.

I first fell in love with the design of a modular bookcase while browsing through Target’s website. There was a lovely, tiered bookshelf that caught my eye almost right away. The wood was dark, the shape was modern and interesting. I wanted it then and there. However, when we saw the bookshelf in person we quickly realized the price tag for this modern bookshelf was beyond our range, especially for a pile of plywood. So the dreams of modular bookcasedom had to be put on the top shelf.

Fast forward about a month and a bit. The modular shelf was being revisited when we made a visit to the hardware store. Spence drew up some designs, we priced out the wood, and found that the project would be surprisingly affordable. Spence could build my bookcase for less, out of better materials, and to match my tastes. Win, win, and win!

So he bought the wood and the rest is history. Our modern, modular bookcase is the focal point of our sitting room and is always being complimented by our guests. This piece not only holds all of my favorite characters, but has character. Love it!





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