Wooden Padlock

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I love all things keys and padlocks. It really is a weakness of mine. So, when Spence surprised me with this little baby I was completely smitten. Love at first sight, that is what it was between me and this working wooden padlock. I immediately slid the wooden key in place, gave it a little turn, and the latch on my completely wooden padlock unlocked. I snapped the latch back in place and unlocked it several more times just for the delight of it all. I was utterly amazed a padlock could be made entirely out of wood and still have a working shackle.

This little project started when Spence purchased a book. For some odd reason he really likes making things that are not normally meant to be woodcrafted into woodcrafted products, like clocks for example. So when he found this book he immediately started making our first wooden lock and key. The project didn’t take him very long. The inner-workings of the wooden padlock is not all that complex. At least, they were not complex to him. I, on the other hand, still to this day have no idea how it all “really” works. I just know that every time I click the shackle into place I have this immense feeling of satisfaction, and I didn’t even build the thing.

This beauty is in no way practical for locking up your bike or securing your locker at the gym, but it is a great home decor piece and conversation starter. There is nothing quite like having this large wooden padlock in your hands, turning it over, and really reveling in the sheer simplicity. Imagine that, a working wooden padlock with its working wooden key. What could we possible add to our collection next?

Materials: oak

Dimensions: Overall H 8″, Body H 3 3/4″ L 4 1/2″ W 2″


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