Getting Back to It

Christmas came and went in a blur of snow, gifts, family, sickness, and lights. It was one for the books. We opened the shop for just a few orders and sent them out just before the Holiday. Some were marble runs and some were signs made with the new toy! (Which we will share more about soon. It is bomb and already part of the family!) Then we closed down to just enjoy the time together, because we knew at the first of the year everything was going to change. Things were going to pick up. And, indeed they have. Here are just a few of the things we have checked off thus far…and it is only January 15th:

  • Helped a neighbor with his Eagle Scout Project
  • Put our son’s “night light” on a timer so he won’t leave his room at 6am
  • Used the juicer 5 times
  • Ate out only 6 times (big deal for us)
  • Got pelted with “pepper balls” four days in a row (real job stuff)
  • Cleaned the entire house
  • Filled five garbage bags to donate
  • Visited with a realtor
  • Had her do a walk through of the house
  • Talked about our need for a larger plot and detached workshop
  • Boxed up some things for storage
  • Noted all the fixes that must be done before March 1st
  • Purged one bookshelf
  • Made a list of 10 pet friendly apartments in the area
  • Got contact information for a great contractor
  • Drove through a beautiful area of town, lot shopping

It is insane how quickly things are moving, but we honestly feel the time is right. With The Workbench LLC expanding and our garage overrun with tools and toys, we are just about bursting from the seams here. We like where we live, and will be sad to give up a few things likes friends, routines, and Google Fiber (yes, we are real attached to our internet provider). But we also know that now is the best time to jump on the market before things get crazy in the summer.

All this to say, yes! The shop will re-open, and soon. But we won’t be producing nearly as much product because of all the big changes happening right now. However, you can expect big things from us once we find, build, and get into our new place.


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